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Albert Street Albert Street, London
Daniel was introduced to a blank piece of wall inside a glass cube extension on a North London Town house. Daniel suggested creating a living wall on the inside wall and then following on to the outside wall. The clients were fantastic, very trusting and the results were a healthy and diverse living wall that regularly features in the gardening press - BBC2, Guardian, Chanel 4 (UK), and on many design blogs worldwide.

The success in this project lies in the trust from the clients and creating an ever changing rich diversity of plant life, if you enjoy looking at plants - no time to be bored.
Athenaeum Hotel Athenaeum Hotel, London
This was Daniels second living wall in London, working at the beginning with the living wall inventor Patrick Blanc. This was a bold and at the beginning quite a challenging project but after two years the wall really took off making this possibly Central London's greenest landmark.

The wall is now in it's 7th year and flourishing, lots of very rewarding hardwork has gone into this project and on top of that a huge amount of trust and support in Daniel from the owners. Partly due to the success of this wall Daniel talks regularly on the subject throughout Sweden and this year (2015) he will be talking for the third year running at the Athenaeum Hotel as part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival giving an insight into his work.

The wall now stands out as a sustainable way of growing plants hydroponically in a city scape with just a minimum amount of maintenance, allowing the wall to be a proper piece of nature in the city.
Daniel Bell Daniel Bells place, Skåne
Daniels family garden in Skåne gave Daniel a chance to see what other plants, alongside of what is grown commonly in Southern Sweden, this is in the ground and vertically.

In the ground many varieties of Magnolia, specie Rhododendron, Broussonetia papyrifera, Hydrangeas in many varieties, Viburnum hillerii, Juglans manchurica and Ailanthifolia, Kalmia, Clerodendron, Carex muskingumensis en masse, Crocosmia Lucipher, Actinidia, Akebia, Stewartia, Wisteria, Thalictrum, Tricyrtis, Buxus, Miscanthus to name a few, gives a rich tapestry of foliage and some colour.

Vertically, Daniel has been trialing growing plants in a cold climate for over 5 years in Sweden, now with a very good understanding of the main problem areas - root freeze and winter sun. In the family dining room Daniel was given most of the walls!

There is a link to a lecture Daniel gave which was televised on the Swedish Knowledge Chanel on this site.
Djursholm Stockholm Collection, Stockholm
Daniel has been active in the Stockholm area for around 5 years now, it has been a very positive experience, so much so Daniel and family have decided to relocate to the area during Winter 2015.

There are now a good number of very exciting projects in differing stages of completion, some in the design process, some under construction and another - the first of Daniels winning the 'Best Garden in Stockholm' 2014 by the local community. Trust from Daniel's clients again has been key to all of the projects in this very beautiful city.
Heathrow Heathrow Airport, London
This has beens Daniel's largest indoor project to date, working with some very inspiring partners on the project - Air France, KLM, Patrick Blanc, Cardy Construction and Des Grippes GOBE Architects.

Daniel created an entirely artificial environment for temperate plants to grow in. the lines of the alcoves especially the black ones are something of a work of art by Des Grippes. Seeing this shows that of course it is possible to grow plants any where providing they get given what they want, one way or another.

This project was a fine example of many partners pulling together and instead of what could of been very problematic it was nothing more than far too much coffee drunk waiting for security and the Dutch lorry driver who supplied most plants getting his wash bag confiscated twice.
The Cross The Cross, London
The Cross was one of London's most legendary nightclubs, a creation from two friends Billy Reilly and John Pannel, the club sadly had to close due to the redevelopment of the Kings Cross area but not before well over 1 million people danced through the disused railway arches, many of them on Daniels garden which was at the front of the club.

It became well known for being a small piece of Ibiza in the middle of London. Huge palm trees and bamboos up to 7 metres tall, Astelia nervosa and Olives in clay pots, Muehelenbeckia and Trachelospernum climbing through the black trellis work, and dance platforms made from an old railway bridge was the backbone for this garden -with a few lights as well.

This was a rare and very special place to create a garden, an experience Daniel will never forget - and good friends made.
Wenngarn Wenngarns slott, Sigtuna
Daniel was introduced to the new owner of Wenngarn Slott by a very supportive client in October 2013. After a couple of meetings and a presentation Daniel was awarded the project - 35 hectares of historic Castle Gardens to restore and at the same time create new areas, a open parkland for everyone to enjoy. An amazing ongoing project, great fun and a dream - most of the time.

Daniel has been given a great amount of trust by the owner which Daniel will be forever grateful. In the first year of renovations new introductions included 1000 white Delphinium, around 100 varieties of ornamental Cherry, 10,000 white Tulips, 10,000 Bluebell (English variety), over 2000 old fashioned shrub Roses, a 100 metre long Clethra alnifolia hedge - something well worth smelling in August, a 40,000 m2 Kitchen Garden filled with assorted berries and hops, 2 lorry loads filled with mature clipped specimens of Ligustrum, and Hornbeam, numerous heavy specimens of Magnolis, Cornus, Amelanchier and Quince trees, this list could go on but instead Daniel urges you to pack your picnic basket and visit, free entry to the gardens and Castle year round.

We now enter the second year of new ownership and no signs of slowing down or enthusiasm from the owner or visitors, long may it continue.
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